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Welcome to the Chris Brown website, which contains a selection of my paintings dating from the 1980s. As is the way of these things, I have selected what I think are the best or most interesting.

I now find that my previous cavalier attitude to recording the work I've produced over the years has not proved helpfull. Paintings were completed for shows with hours to spare, and in the turmoil, getting a proper photographic record of the piece seemed to be the least of my worries. 

One heads off to Art College, where one immediately finds that one is obliged to explain everything. Why are you doing this? Why are you doing that? The truth be told, you do not really know. You like something enough to make a drawing/ painting/ sculpture from it (of course, you now have to produce some explanation of why the man has three eyes, the landscape is mauve, the goat is marrying a letter box and there is a neon display advertising an American diner - this last one is easy. This was the sixties: when in doubt, add neon, a cadillac, James Dean or Monroe. Stick in a Nuke, a Vietnam reference or Karl Marx to show you have a social conscience and are politically aware. JFK's Dallas Motorcade is good too. And NEVER mention the PreRaphaelites)

So, attractive as is the conceit that my work leaped forth, as it were, fully formed on That First Day, ideas and influences have coalesced through the intervening years into... Well, I have always found it difficult to categorize my paintings in a concise phrase that doesn't curl the toes, but this wet October morning, faced with having to write SOMETHING, I'll go for...‘Baroque on a Restricted Budget’

The paintings contain many ideas, and lots of them, with any luck, contradictory. I always start a painting with something specific in mind, and in the time they take to paint, a lot more is added, changed, adapted, both in imagery and intention. Everything is there for a purpose... it might not always be a high purpose, but there certainly is one. So have a look and make up your own stories.

Chris Brown 

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