I have, and continue to undertake, commissions.

As my paintings tend to be subject driven, whether that subject be a solid idea, or something more nebulous - an emotion, a philosophy, a favourite Cat - I am approached, in the usual way of things, to do something similar to an existing painting the client is aware of and liked. But I am also asked to do a painting, for instance, for a specific somebody, in which case I ask a lot af questions as to the recipient, and try to tailor something for them.

But in effect there are so many different appoaches and aspects to a commission, rather than continue in broad generalities, it would be far the easiest thing for you to contact me with your ideas and we can then open discussions.

The Work is time intensive, and the price will vary depending on the work involved, but in the way of these things, a timetable of payment is fully negotiable.

Chris Brown

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