Who Am I

Chris Brown: Who's he?

I am Chris Brown, and was born and raised in the Rural Midlands. During the 1970's I studied in London. I have since exhibited widely around the world, London to Paris, New York to Tokyo. I once again reside in the rural Midlands with my family, never quite far enough from an increasingly frenetic, irrational and malign world.

I have never felt happy explaining my work, not because it starts without any central idea, but because over the month or so, day on day, that it takes to paint a large Canvas, the central idea adapts, other elements are added and signs remain of several different approaches, outcomes which may lead off in different directions. I do aim for this, have always enjoyed paintings that let the mind wander off, visually or following the trail of ideas that are generated, and that's what I would want people to do with my paintings. I don't want to say what it's about, because, one, it oversimplifies, and two, once you are told it means something, then I find that is all you see.

And finally I don't see them as Surrealist, which I take to be a consciously assembled collection of random elements to produce a disquieting effect. Nothing wrong with that, of course, but the elements I take are all connected, however obliquely.

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